4.14 The Future is Now

I take the analysis of Vin Armani (Cyprian), Michael Vlahos, Julianne Romanello, and Allison McDowell and discuss their perspectives in light of current events, where we are in the historical cycle, and the Ages of Man framework. Topics include: historical cycles, the Church of Woke, the Dim Age, methods of elites, spiritual disorder, buzzword magic, social impact bonds, the spatial web, combining the virtual and physical, and much more.


Appearance on Toward Anarchy w/ Michael Storm

111/ DA 1. Historical Cycles and The Dim Age- Vin Armani interview, part 1

123. Michael Vlahos interview- History, Religion, Social Trends, Hierarchies, and more, part 1

125. Julianne Romanello- The Philosophy Behind the Technocratic Shift

128. Alison McDowell- Impact Investing, Blockchain, and more, part 1

130. Vin Armani- Transhumanism, Technocracy, Community, & Crypto, part 1


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