Hello and welcome to Our Foundations. My goal is to educate and enlighten in regards to liberty, economics, and learning. I focus on the core systems of our society that influence us all the most, those of Government, Money, and Education. By looking closely at how these systems emerged, how they've evolved, what forms they take now, and what trends we are seeing for the future, we are able to get a good look at the evolution of society as a whole.

Freedom and knowledge are the some of the most important aspects of our lives as individuals. Unfortunately, the systems around us restrict our freedoms and our knowledge in order to achieve their goals which are often contrary to our own. Our Foundations aims to bring to light these issues and help us all to be aware, be prepared, and to act accordingly. This podcast is mostly educational but not in a purely academic sense. Rather, we will be growing our knowledge and understanding on a practical and defensive level that will not only increase our intellectual state but will aid us in many aspects of our lives and the lives of those around us.


The podcast as a whole takes a contrarian/ critical view on our society. Topics and perspectives include political philosophy, economics, the education system, history, and alternative systems. I try to focus on aspects that many are unaware of or that we may not be conscious of their effects on us as individuals and us as a society. There is a focus on the United States, mainly because that is where I live and what I know the most about but these concepts cover all jurisdictions and are actually even more invasive in many other first world countries across the globe. I try to give examples from around the world to reinforce that this is not just a problem in America but I would guess that as you listen, you will see that these are issues that effect you and all of us... humanity and society as a whole.



The Format:


SEASON 1- Systems of Society


Trifecta of episodes on these institutions:

- Government

- Money

- Education

- Themes episode:

highlights some of the concepts and themes that were interwoven through these systems during the covered period

- Case Study:

in-depth look at a specific example or concept that applies to what we've been discussing 



For Season 1, we start with the origins of these systems in early societies, progress through history, asses our current state of affairs, explore what we can do in light of this current state, and look at what the future holds for us as a society. There are bonus topical episodes that are released roughly once per month through the Patreon page. Some of these will be released on the main feed in the distant future. 


SEASON 2- The Digital Reformation

Episodes 2.1 - 2.10 : interviews

Episodes 2.11 - 2.24 : solo format


Season Two is built around the comparison of the Reformation time period and modern societal shifts. There are many historical parallels, from the printing press and the internet to the Church and the State and beyond. The first half of the season consists of interviews with other podcast hosts that specialize in related topics such as history, theology, philosophy, etc. The second half of the season goes back to a solo format with me elaborating on specific parallels and comparative concepts.


INTERIM PERIOD- Historical Patterns and Current Trends

Episodes 95-110: Personal Takes and Current Issues

Episodes 11-122: The Dim Age series

Episodes 123-132: Interviews on Historical Patterns and Current Trends 


The interim period between Season 2 and 3 begins with topical episodes that are related to previously covered content but are focused on my own personal takes and experiences. The second half is the Dim Age series where I interview Vin Armani on his Dim Age theory and related topics and do elaboration episodes in between interview sections to draw out the maximum depth. This ranges from social cycle theories and historical patterns to discussion on the Church of Woke to spirituality and more.


Season 3- Agorism and The Original Church


Episodes 3.1-3.31: Agorism, Theology, and the Original Church


Season 3 looks at the historical example of the original Church as an alternative movement that overlaps much onto the concept of modern agorism. They had issues with the culture, the state, and the dominant religious institutions of their day, as do most of us. I dig into the theology of the first Christians, relations to Greek philosophy, give a framework for the Natural Order of things, and get into many more examples of what the original Church thought and how they grew with applications for our current time given throughout.


Season 4- Macro Connections


This season goes back to the beginning of the podcast and pulls out topics and themes that deserve to be covered again but from a more macro perspective. I bring in perspectives and information that wasn't included earlier in the show and focus on connecting the pieces from the various content I had covered. 



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