These are the podcasts I've done appearances and interviews on:


Christian Libertarian Podcast- Episodes 158, 170, and 171


Are We There Yet?- Episode 1


Cannon Thinks- Episodes 19 & 20


Welcome to 1984- Episode 1


Inspired By Fire- Episode 22


The Oddcast ft The Odd Man Out- Episode 48


Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence- Episodes- 12/18/20 "Interview w/ Oddman, and Joshua @foundationsPC. HOLY HELL, Best show, my head is somewhere in the other room because it was blown off." & 4/18/21 "Is civilization repeating itself on the micro and macro level? What is the fourth turning? Joshua from @ourfoundationspc explains it all!"


These are guests I've had on Our Foundations or have done collaborative episodes with:


Julianne Romanello- Episodes 125, 126, & 127


Michael Vlahos- Episodes 123 & 124 


Vin Armani- beginning with episode 111


Peter Quinones- Free Man Beyond the Wall


Nathan Gilmour- Christian Humanist Podcast


Patrick Neve- The Crunch


Norman Horn- Libertarian Christian Podcast


Steve Guerra- History of the Papacy


Benjamin Jacobs- Wittenberg to Westphalia


Juan Pablo Melo and Jason Margaritis- Pan-Optic




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