Wrapping up this series on the parallels between the Reformation and modern shifts, this episode focuses on the present and future juxtaposed to the Reformation and the 30 Years War. When viewed from a more immaterial, ideational, and audible world view, in light of fifth generation warfare, we can see that WWIII is already happening. Fifth Generation Warfare is all about information and perception, controlling the media and the narrative in order to control the population. Paired with Marshall McLuhan's framework of visual vs audible societies and the medium of the digital landscape, the parallel of the 30 Years War and our modern digital and psychological war starts to become more real and more understandable.


2.0 Introduction to Season 2

2.10 Part 1- Political Theory, Philosophy, and Tech: Pan-Optic Collaboration

2.11 Ideological Movements and Macro Evolutions

2.12 Macro Shifts- the source of law, the role of institutions, and societal influence

2.13 Consolidation of Power

2.14 Business Models and Systems of Control




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