4.13 Ages of Man

Humanity has gone through 4 great Ages and is now entering its 5th. These have been the Age of Survival, the Age of Religion, the Age of Empire, the Age of Economics, and now the Age of Science. I apply the frameworks, patterns, and parallels previously covered and overlay them all on top of each other, inserting them into this framework of the Ages of Man. It paints a great macro picture of our evolution as society but more importantly it helps explain where we are and what we can do about it. I take the grammar of history, philosophy, and sociology and put it together into the logic of the Ages of Man framework in the hope that we can begin to apply a rhetoric that matches what we desire for ourselves, our families, and our communities. 


97. Transition Between Two Ages

101. Social Cycles and Election Updates

112/ DA 2. Social Cycle Theories and Other Elaborations on the Vin Armani Dim Age Interview, part 1

119/ DA 9. Historical Cycles and Archetypes from Sarkar and the Kingdom of Light vs Kingdom of Darkness with more elaborations on the Vin Armani Dim Age interview, part 3


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